How to Build a perfect Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie, noun, pronounced “shahr-koo-tuh-ree”. Definition: Lunchable for grownups. 🧀 Charcuterie is one of my favorite meals because I instantly feel like I’m eating party food. Every good party needs charcuterie and don’t we all need more merriment in our daily lives? I think this is why Lunchables were so popular in the 90s (and honestly, don’t we all wish we could justify eating them still?). Well portioned food collected onto a plate satisfies the eye as well as the stomach. It’s hard to worry about chores, pandemics, or bills when you have to focus entirely on the food set before you.

Pictured: olives, toasted Pepita seeds, cashews, gluten free crackers, cubed cheddar, Gouda, sliced peaches, sopressata salami, root veggie chips, carrots.

I follow a few rules when prepping my charcuterie. A sucessful charcuterie board requires only a few simple elements:

  1. Variety of colors – make it look appealing!
  2. A balance of savory, sweet, and neutral flavors
  3. Several possible pairings between foods – does each element go with at least two other foods?
  4. Bite sized portions – keep it easy finger foods!
  5. Nutritional value – how can you pack in foods that will support your body’s needs?
  6. No food waste- what is sitting in your fridge that needs to be eaten?

Optional: someone to share your charcuterie with! Enjoy.


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