Getting More Out of Your Coffee Cup – 5 ways to upgrade your daily caffeine fix

It’s Monday morning and there is coffee in my cup!! But also because I want to always maximize my health (and don’t you all want to get more out of your coffee too?) I usually include at least one or two of these coffee hacks:

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Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are meant to support your skin and joints. I’m currently using Vital Proteins and frothing it with some oat milk before adding coffee. Collagen is known for improving the appearance of your skin! Many people often find a decrease in joint pain or less breakage of nails and hair. I like collagen for the extra protein and the dose of amino acids, both of which are excellent for hormone health.

Soluble Fiber

A scoop of fiber is a great addition to your coffee for digestion. Most fiber is a prebiotic, (similar a probiotic). Look for Psyllium fiber- it’s a commonly found soluble fiber. Fiber and prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut to keep you digesting properly. Your body needs lots of fiber every day and most standard diets don’t include enough!


Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar and support metabolism- I add ground cinnamon to my coffee grounds before brewing. It adds subtle flavor and significant health benefits. Look for Celon cinnamon– it has much more nutritional properties than standard cinnamon.


Various ground mushrooms can help you get more out of your coffee for brain and mood boost. There are lots of coffee and mushroom blends available, Chaga and Lion’s Mane being a few of the popular mushrooms. Look for brands made with organic ingredients!


You may not realize, but you could be sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine can have a significant affect on our adrenals, including our cortisol production (those are our stress hormones!) An easy way to cut back on caffeine (especially if you are accustomed to drinking multiple cups a day) is to brew a blend of decaf AND regular coffee. By cutting back on the amount of caffeine we consume we allow our bodies to balance hormones and regain control of our circadian rhythm and get better sleep at night.

In summary: getting more out of your coffee regularly.

Upgrading the foods we enjoy regularly is a simple way to make significant changes. There’s much more to talk about on each of these points which I hope to dive into soon! But I hope this gets you thinking about small changes you can make to every day habits. What is your favorite food hacking trick?


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