Hello! I’m Hannah, the gal behind We Would Be Charming.

I’m a blogger, foodie, puppy enthusiast, and former dancer.

I spent most of my childhood in San Diego (and yes, I DO think In N Out is better than all other burger joints). I hail from a large family of musicians, nutritionists, dancers, and teachers. In college I decided to pursue Musical Theater, and performing has been a huge part of my professional career, allowing me to work all over the US.

Traveling so much for work and pursuing a career with zero guarantees has taken a toll on my physical and mental health. In my late 20s I discovered clean eating and Whole30, which has made a huge impact on my daily life, including my struggle as a lady with PCOS! My recipes are plant based, preservative free, and nutritionally dense. #eatyourcolors!

My goal for We Would Be Charming is to empower you to take control of your food and daily habits and find what fuels you. I believe learning how to care for ourselves is a life-long commitment!

Currently I live in NYC with my husband, a British citizen who I met on the street in the West Village (true story).

I’m happy you are here, cheers!

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